Sujit Menon : Pixelgram Digital Business Profile & CRM Automations Expert

Sujit Menon

Digital Business Profile & CRM Automation Expert

I will Rank Your Interactive Professional Digital Profile on the Internet

I will help you to RANK your Business Profile & Company Profile Online

I am on a mission to make every business owner look top-notch online because standout branded interactive digital profiles lead to standout sales, turning browsers into loyal clients with just a glance.

Elevate Online Presence: I am Sujit Menon from Brisbane, Australia, an engineer loving and living sales and finance, leveraging technology to simplify and automate professional interactions, making business connections effective and long-lasting with Pixelgram Digital Profiles, TAP cards and ZCRM App.

Expertise: Digital Business Profile and CRM Automation Expert
Experience: Over a decade in sales and marketing
Goal: Streamline Australian business networking
Outcome: Effective, long-lasting business connections

Personal Branding in the Digital World: I focus on enhancing the personal brand of business owners because people buy from people, not just companies, fostering genuine, lasting connections.

Belief: Personal branding is crucial
Strategy: Focus on business owners, not just businesses
Impact: Enhances personal connection
Method: Engage customers multiple times

Optimise Your Digital Profile: Using ZCRM software, I create digital professional profiles that rank high on search engines and are ready for instant human interactions, supported by TAP cards and CRM software.

Tools: Digital business profiles, TAP cards, CRM
Features: Custom webpages, optimised ROI
Customisation: Tailored to unique brand guidelines
Benefits: Simplifies daily business tasks

Streamline Contact Management: Reducing time on manual processes lets business networkers and sales professionals focus on what matters—relationships and business growth.

Objective: Reduce manual effort in contact management
Tools: Advanced contact management strategies
Focus: Building relationships, growing business
Advantage: Every interaction is an opportunity

Create Your Own Social Media Profile Page: I help business owners create their own social media style interactive profile pages and business and company profile pages on their websites. These pages allow them to personally interact and engage with leads and customers for reviews, sales, follow-ups, and referrals. Reduce your reliance on third-party social media apps and build your own digital social business profile on your website. Control your narrative of your mission, values, and vision, and save time by automating all your professional interactions with custom workflows and automation for your business sales and workflow.

Company Profiles: I work on internal and external company profile pages. Internal company pages are Linktree pages with internal process links and link access to all internal company pages. External company pages are Linktree pages for customer service, clients, and management to access stakeholders. Staff profile pages can be external or internal profiles showcasing them as a person rather than just a worker.

Safe Space for Businesses: My mission is to create a safe space for businesses to interact and showcase all their social media content in one place on their website, away from third-party apps. This platform operates with no algorithms, reducing time for staff and management. It features beautifully designed company pages automated between forms, surveys, calendars, emails, and courses. Profile pages can be communicated internally or externally on a

  • Static Profile – Gallery resume-style page
  • Dynamic Profile – One-way communication profile page
  • Automated Profile  –Two-way communication profile page.

Final Note: Transforming business owners into standout online presences, I’m not just automating interactions; I’m creating gateways to connectivity and lasting business relationships.

Mission: Make business owners stand out online
Approach: Automate and enhance interactions
Result: Enhanced connectivity
Vision: Build trust and foster repeated engagement